Lovely Fall Outfits Ideas For College 16
Lovely Fall Outfits Ideas For College 16

50 Lovely Fall Outfits Ideas For College

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As the weather cools off and the sounds of summer fade, people begin to look for ways to keep warm, yet fashionable. For retailers looking for a great accessory item, look no further than scarves. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors to match your existing inventory. They are also available in a wide range of prices, making it easy to offer your customers choices.

What is truly wonderful about wholesale scarves is that they offer customers the ability to accent their style without breaking the bank. In this tough economy, where many are struggling, many consumers are now shopping at thrift stores and college students often love the look. Fair trade scarves are a great new item to enhance that vintage look while allowing the consumer to stretch their dollars. Additionally, fair trade scarves are handmade with care which makes them a long-lasting high quality item.

Scarves take up very little display space. They can be hung near the register as a cross sell item or displayed with an outfit to show how it can be used effectively. They can also be used to attract attention if tied into a beautiful bow or worn by staff. When a customer asks the staff member about their scarf, it’s provides a topic of conversation that might possibly lead to more sales.

Are you a retailer who is looking for ways to increase sales? Scarves are easy to sell and the Fall and Winter are excellent times to stock these items, especially as the holidays approach. Many scarves can be offered for less than twenty-five dollars, which makes them great gift items. Don’t forget that men need scarves too. A nice looking scarf can really brighten up their black winter coats.

Even retailers who are not focused on clothing can find a place for scarves in their store. Hospital gift shops, grocers, museum shops, college bookstores and others can benefit from carrying scarves. For a hospital gift shop, scarves that are warm and soft make great gifts as they help people feel comfortable and cozy. For grocers, especially natural food markets, fair trade scarves are a perfect match. Museum gift shops might opt for shawls in beautiful silk prints or warm wool. College bookstores can select scarves that are fun and playful and go great with casual attire. Essentially, wholesale scarves are the perfect item to add to your Fall and Winter product offerings.

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