Popular Shoes Ideas For This Winter 42
Popular Shoes Ideas For This Winter 42

50 Popular Shoes Ideas For This Winter

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We are still in the dead of winter, the temperatures have plummeted, the snow is falling, and sandals have disappeared from our collective sense of fashion entirely, this season, the imperative is to wear warm footwear, suitable for walking through the sleet, sludge, and icy rain. But, which types of footwear are suitable for this time of year and fashionable too? There have certainly been a lot of wellies around, accompanied by the staple winter wardrobe of hats, coats, gloves, and scarves. Wellies are probably the best type of footwear to be wearing at the moment, not only do they keep our feet warm and dry, they look great too, and certainly add a splash of colour to the dreary winter months.

When it comes to choosing winter footwear, the choices we make are paramount, the wrong shoes during the cold months can lead to all kinds of complications – have you ever noticed that your toes are slightly purple when you get in the bath during winter? That is because they have not been kept warm throughout the day and the blood is not circulating properly because it is rushing to other parts of your body to keep warm – this highlights the importance of choosing your winter shoes carefully, purple toes are not good. When choosing winter footwear then, the first consideration must be the amount of protection they afford your feet, followed by fashion.

Fortunately, many designers understand the needs of feet in winter, they also understand how important looking good is to modern women, and as such, there are many styles of footwear that meet all foot requirements, as well as looking great too. Knee high, and thigh-high, boots are particularly popular this season, and come in a wide range of styles, some supremely sexy, others fantastically chic, either way, they make a great winter shoe, and they have the added benefit of keeping legs warm too!

Wellies are another great choice, particularly for those girls amongst us who love to look great in casual clothing. This style of footwear ensures that your feet are kept warm and dry at all times – particularly when wearing those models that have a fur trim – but also, they are specially designed with extra grip to ensure that walking on snow, and ice is less dangerous. With the massive amount of snowfall we have seen this year, there really is no better style of footwear to choose. It is even possible to purchase these boots with a heel, but our advice for the winter months, is to avoid a stiletto heel, and opt instead, for a wedge – these are much more stable, but add length to your silhouette and therefore create a slimming effect.

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