Best Ideas For Skirt And Blouse This Fall 45
Best Ideas For Skirt And Blouse This Fall 45

50 Best Ideas For Skirt And Blouse This Fall

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Today I chose to ramp up my look a little – I had to go into the office, so I added a blazer to my skirt ensemble. I am blessed to work from home 4 out of 5 days in a week, so I can dress in a more business casual and relaxed manner, but on the days I’m in the office, I go strong! All of the pieces I’m wearing today were purchased at different times during my business career.

None of them came as a part of a matching outfit – it really PAYS to know your style and your best colors, so that no matter where you are when the urge to shop hits you, you can find something appropriate for your business and personal goals, your activities, and that fits in with your existing wardrobe. A closet full of “orphan” clothing, no matter how beautiful, will limit your effectiveness – it’s hard to create a consistently attractive and polished image when your clothing is mostly hit-or-miss – and will also make you spend MORE than you might want, because the garments cannot be mixed and matched easily.

Today’s outfit is courtesy of three different stores – the black Liz Claiborne blazer I found online – I believe via an email which directed me to a sale at the Liz Claiborne website. It’s been over a year since I bought it, but the classic black blazer with white piping I will be able to wear for years. The sleeves are a little shorter – call them ‘bracelet length’ which may eventually “date” the jacket, but for now, I’m not having a problem with it.

The simple black tee I bought at the Avenue – a well known plus size women’s clothing store. I bought this piece also years ago, and its a little big on me now, since I’ve lost 85 pounds, but still fits my shoulders fairly well (I am broad-shouldered, built like an inverted Vee with narrower hips) and the length is perfect, plus it goes from washer and dryer to closet without needing an iron, and wrinkles fall out of it easily. Sounds like a perfect foundation piece to me! I’ve worn this top so many times that my cost-per-wearing is probably less than $.01 by now. That is also the mark of a great piece – you love it so much and wear it so many times over it’s lifetime that the cost per wearing goes down to almost nothing.

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