Beautiful Matte Nails Art Ideas You Need To Try 40
Beautiful Matte Nails Art Ideas You Need To Try 40

50 Beautiful Matte Nails Art Ideas You Need To Try

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Nail polishes have been around even before I was born. A swipe of color on your nails bring a new dimension to your style. With the advent of various nail arts and YouTube videos allowing access to many creative options, you can virtually create many designs on your nails. However, for those of you who are just starting out with nail polish, you might get confused with certain names and types. With that being said, here’s a 101 on the types of nail polishes.

Nail polishes come in different finishes. They range from matte ones to glittery ones. Matte polishes are those polishes that has little or no shine in them, and they often look flat. They are one of the most classic polishes that one can pick up. If you are a big fan of classic polishes, then this is recommended for you.

Cream and Pearl Finishes contain a little shimmer that reflects beautifully when light is shone on them. They are a step above the matte polishes. Cream and pearl finishes are one of my most favorite types.

Metallics are those that appear metallic or foil-like on your nails. The most common colors are gold, bronze and silver. They are great on those days where you want to feel glamorous.

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