Best Accesories Ideas To Add Your Formal Attire 31
Best Accesories Ideas To Add Your Formal Attire 31

50 Best Accesories Ideas To Add Your Formal Attire

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Colorful ribbons and sashes can be added to the waist of the wedding dress or around the shoulders. The chosen color may compliment the bridesmaids’ gowns or may be the exact same color. The male vests or cummerbunds may also match the color scheme.

Dress sashes are perfect for women who want a splash of color but who do not want to deviate from the traditional white gown. The sash allows her more freedom of choice to move into a more modern era but at the same time allows her to keep the old tradition alive.

Jewelry will depend on the bride’s preferences in terms of how much she wants to wear or how little. For women who wear little or no jewelry on a regular basis, she may keep it simple by using only earrings and a small necklace or string of pearls.

Another area that will dictate the type of jewelry is the neckline of the dress. A high collared dress limits the type of jewelry and may be too elaborate for any type of necklace. On the other hand, a low cut or round neck dress may be perfect for a large piece of jewelry with many strands or baubles.

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