Stunning Chic Outfits Ideas With Jeans 36
Stunning Chic Outfits Ideas With Jeans 36

50 Stunning Chic Outfits Ideas With Jeans

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For many years now, French women have been an epitome of elegance and class. People all over the world try to imitate their style, whether in order to blend in when they visit France or just to feel good wherever they are. This article will give you a few ideas on how to do that without seeming too cliché or like you´re trying too hard.

The basic French chic looks are classy and tailored for daytime and feminine and mysterious for the evening. This way, when going to the office or simply running errands around town, try a basic well-fitting suit or jeans and a blazer. Add a little splash of color in the form of accessories or trendy shirts. Wear flat shoes or kitten heels, but never sneakers, no matter how casual the environment. Oversized sunglasses are a must, whether you should choose black or brown ones, as is the little silk scarf that you can tie around your neck, wrist or wear in your hair.

For evening gatherings or events, forget about glam and sparkles and try a sleek cocktail dress with little details. Invest in good jewelry, because this is what will complete your outfit and give it the pizzazz it needs. Special times require high heels, like stilettos, but be careful not to walk in them for too long, so as not to damage your feet.

When it comes to color, the French believe in neutrals, especially for basic pieces. The most popular ones are black, navy and earthy tones such as brown or beige. To make your outfits more modern, add accessories in bright colors, such as yellow, purple or orange. Red is another national favorite that you can see practically on everything, from scarves to nail polish or lipstick.

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