Lovely Airports Outfits Ideas For This Fall 39
Lovely Airports Outfits Ideas For This Fall 39

50 Lovely Airports Outfits Ideas For This Fall

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With vast differences in arrival and destination temperatures, confusing and costly excess baggage charges, and general pain-in-the-butt factors in the TSA screening lines, choosing what to wear to the airport this winter will get a trip off on the right- or wrong- foot. These tips and guidelines should help travelers be more comfortable, prevent excess baggage fees, and keep everyone moving quickly through security checks.

Consider the difference in temperature of your destination.
If going to a warm place, can you avoid taking your overcoat and accompanying scarves, gloves, boots? Consider leaving them at home, or in the car at the airport, and instead layering up. You can always ditch a layer into your checked or carry-on bag when you get to the airport, if you left room. Plus, when you arrive, you can remove another layer and be comfortable from the time you exit the plane.

If you are going to a cold place, instead of packing them, wear your coat and hat, scarves, gloves, boots. It can slow you down a little in the TSA screening, but it can save you some excess baggage fees. Just use the pockets of the coat to hold the accessories to help speed your progress through the security check. Plus, airplanes are so cold this time of the year, so your jacket can double as a blanket in case the cost-cutting airlines do not provide any on your flight.

A great travel trick is to use a pashmina or similar wrap as a blanket, scarf and jacket throughout your trip, unless you are a straight male, in which case a Mexican serape (poncho) could work, albeit a bit bulky.

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