Simple Ways To Wear Winter Blazer For Work 46
Simple Ways To Wear Winter Blazer For Work 46

50 Simple Ways To Wear Winter Blazer For Work

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A blazer is generally a double breasted jacket that was initially worn by men and boys of the 19th century. Blazers were very popular in England. The name blazer comes from the bright colors that composed the early jackets. However, today we find many women who wear blazers. These usually come in neutral colors. In earlier days, blazers were bright in color and came in striped patterns.

Earlier one would find boys in private schools wearing blazers that were teamed up with short length pants and long socks. Today, even girls who attend private schools and boarding schools have blazers as a part of their uniforms. The fabric that composes a blazer may differ from linen to woolen to flannel, etc.

It was not until the late 1970s that blazers were widely worn also by women. The film Annie Hall triggered the fashion for women to wear blazers. One could also see that even through the film Working Girl, there is a clear concept of the eighties style of women’s blazers. By the eighties all women would be wearing blazers to their respective official work places. Blazers came in different colors, had buttons and big shoulder pads. Women usually wore blazers made of wool flannel, cashmere or lighter fabrics such as cotton, polyester or rayon. Women’s blazers were more fitted than men’s blazers. Today we find that women usually wear jackets that are either short in length or are fitted. The jackets that are long in length are not easily available, but one can be sure that designers will soon get them back in the fashion world.

Now a days we find that men’s leather blazers are becoming more and more popular. They have shifted from the eighties scene and have become an easy way of both comfort and style during winters.

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