Astonishing Polca Dot Maxi Skirt Ideas For Reunion 49
Astonishing Polca Dot Maxi Skirt Ideas For Reunion 49

50 Astonishing Polca Dot Maxi Skirt Ideas For Reunion

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It’s gonna be a good day…traveling to Pine Bluff, Arkansas for the annual Skyhook Fly-in with the Black Pilots of America. I’m trying to pack really light – because I have a tendency to OVERPACK (especially shoes). It’s a primarily casual event, but with a couple of social outings and an award dinner at the end. Versatility is the catchword of the day. Since beginning this challenge, I’ve had to re-think my wardrobe choices – and normally, traveling in a skirt would NOT be my first choice, but…since I committed to the challenge, I had to come up with something!

I wanted to be comfortable – because who wants to be in too-tight clothing all day when traveling? Comfortable shoes are a must – and those which you can get on and off easily to move through airport security – plus some way to protect your feet. This is NOT the time to go barefoot – just thinking about walking on those floors with all the germs that can accumulate gives me the shivers. You want to avoid a lot of ornamentation – this is not the day to wear every piece of jewelry you own – you’ll simply have to take it all off and put it back on at the security area. There is the added risk of leaving something behind as well.

Keep your outfit simple and elegant – you do want to project an attractive image, but overly flash clothing is just out-of-place in an airport for the most part. I like to people-watch, and my eye is generally drawn to those who look comfortable and put-together in their clothing. Remember that you’ll probably have to remove any jacket or sweater you are wearing, and for some people, air travel makes their feet and legs swell – so allow for added ease and room in your garments and shoes.

Color and fabric are your main fashion accents when traveling – especially by air. Travel by train adds a different set of considerations, because you’ll be sitting most of the trip. Traveling by car is another area where comfort is of great importance, because you’ll be sitting most of the trip, and in a more confined space – getting up to stretch means stopping your trip, and many are loathe to incorporate too many stops into a road trip.

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