Awesome Christmas Makeup Ideas Looks You'll Love 44
Awesome Christmas Makeup Ideas Looks You'll Love 44

50 Awesome Christmas Makeup Ideas Looks You’ll Love

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This Christmas the look is pretty, not gory. Even for the night, light makeup that makes you look like yourself, only prettier is the way to go. Just because you’re going to a party at night, it doesn’t mean you have to pile on heavy makeup to look glamorous. Overdone make up makes you look older, not prettier. Light make up makes you look younger and more inviting to the opposite sex.

Stars like Halle Berry and Scarlett Johanssen sparkle with their bare, yet ultrachic look. Understated makeup is glam if you know how to pull it off. The secret lies in the strategic placement of color and the choice of color used.

First invest in a set of makeup brushes []. The free ones that come with the compact wouldn’t do. Sure, those would be fine for touch ups but not when you’re actually putting on your face.

Next, get a foundation that matches your skin tone. Not to light, not too dark. Get a shade that is just right. Or get two shades of the same foundation, one darker, one lighter and blend them together until they match your skin perfectly. Or you could use a tinted moisturizer close to your skin tone if you don’t need much coverage.

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